December 24, 2021

Oral Habits Causing Jaw Pain
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(1) Clenching or grinding teeth when asleep
(2) Sleeping in a position that puts pressure on the jaw
(3) Grinding teeth
(4) Clenching teeth
(5) Pressing, touching, or holding teeth together at times other than eating
(6) Holding, tightening, or tensing muscles without clenching or bringing teeth together
(7) Holding or jutting jaw forward or to the side
(8) Pressing tongue forcibly against the teeth
(9) Placing tongue between the teeth
(10) Biting, chewing, or playing with the tongue, cheeks, or lips
(11) Holding the jaw in a rigid or tense position, such as to brace or protect the jaw
(12) Holding between the teeth or biting objects
(13) Using chewing gum
(14) Playing musical instruments that involve use of the mouth or jaw
(15) Leaning with the hand on the jaw
(16) Chewing food on one side
(17) Eating between meals
(18) Sustained talking
(19) Singing
(20) Yawning
(21) Holding the telephone between the head and shoulder

Xu, L., Cai, B., Lu, S., Fan, S., & Dai, K. (2021). The Impact of Education and Physical Therapy on Oral Behaviour in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorder: A Preliminary Study. BioMed Research International, 1–7.

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