Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain?

Continuous pain in the area by the ear, jaw, head,
on one or both sides of the face, could be caused by Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder.

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Jaw Pain Release Solutions

Jaw Pain
Release Technique

Jaw Pain
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What happy clients say.

Jen Downing

"I’ve had the benefit of experiencing various CST practitioners. Ania has a very unique approach that carries a gentle, yet powerful energy. My headache melted away as I felt her release the pressure with calm and targeted techniques. I cannot thank her enough!"

Petra Sliwiak

“Ania Haas is one of the best CranioSacral Therapists I've been to! Her years of experience and knowledge of psyche, her intuitive nature and compassionate personality are all key in the healing she provides. If you're holding on to either physical emotional issues I highly recommend scheduling session."

Ray Stroz

„Ania has helped me with physical pain and understanding its presence. She is a soft spoken and sensitive therapist that makes it easy to trust and initiate a healing process. "


What clients want to know...

What to expect during the session?

During the the session patient rests fully clothed on the massage table. The therapist will work on the muscles of the face, ear, neck and head. Starting from the outside, the therapist will apply intra-oral techniques to release the tension in the Temporomandibular joint. The therapist will apply a variety of massage techniques as well as light touch craniosacral therapy holds to decompress the structures.

What are the costs for a treatment?

Single session (60 minutes): 125 $
> Session of choice: Release Technique or Release Coaching

Package of 5 sessions (each 60 minutes): 500 $
> Sessions of choice: Release Technique or Release Coaching

3 Months Relief Program (90 minutes sessions): 1,500 $
 > Total relief program with weekly sessions (ea. 90 min)
> Release Technique plus Release Coaching

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes. Patients can use Cash, PayPal and Credit Card to prepay and pay for the sessions.

How many sessions do I need?

Each client is different and unique, but most patients feel significant improvement after 5 sessions. The therapy is solution focused and carved to the needs of each individual. We offer single sessions as well as packages for your convenience. 

Is the therapy painful?

Most patients feel general sense of relaxation and relieve. Sometimes, especially at the beginning when the joint structures are warmining up and starting to decompress patients can feel slight discomfort. This discomfort shifts very quickly into the feeling of ease and pain alleviation.

How to prepare for a session?

Wear comfortable clothes. Patients will be asked to take shoes off to relax comfortably on the massage table. 

How much in advance can I book a session?

Please call at least 1 week in advance to schedule your appointment.

Call: 708-436-4493